ICOD Action Network

ICOD Action Network, community volunteers, local leaders and the general community shall assess children’s households using a locally developed index to get the most vulnerable households to benefit from the project. The index shall include among others; availability of shelter, availability of pit latrine, access to safe water source, prevalence of preventable diseases like malaria and cholera, cases of malnutrition, school attendance and access to scholastic materials.

Project Impact
The project will impact beneficiaries in the following ways:
• Good shelter to orphans will protect beneficiaries from natural hazards like strong wind, hot weather and heavy rainfall and lead to reduced incidences of diseases like malaria that arise from poor shelter.
• Reduced cases of diseases like diarrhea and cholera that come up due to poor human waste disposal.
• Water and Sanitation conditions of targeted house holds will improve tremendously as a result of construction and utilization of water collection tanks and pit latrines. Water borne diseases among targeted beneficiaries will reduce.
• Safe water collected in constructed water tanks will reduce water borne diseases among targeted beneficiaries.
• Constructed water tanks will also reduce long distances traveled by children to collect water from communal water collection centers which are not safe.
• School attendance will be increased since children will have water available in their homes.
• The community will indirectly benefit from good practices adopted by beneficiaries.


Help us raise at least $3000 for academic year 2012-13 to help us with our goal of building houses for HIV/AIDS affected children. Access our Razoo account here:


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