Calender will be updated with Events and Campaigns as the semester progresses so check back!

-Director of Campaigns and Staff Applications due September 13th

-Car Wash/Other Fundraiser on September 21st

-Family Weekend Fundraiser/Car Wash/Etc on September 28th

-GROW Coordinator Application due September 30th

-Fundraiser the week of October 6th

-Individual Giving Workshop on October 17th

-Car Wash/Other Fundraiser on October 26th

-Car Wash/Other Fundraiser on November 9th

-Big Event on November 19th

-World AIDS Day on Dec 1st

-Car Wash/Other Fundraiser on January 25th

-Spring Retreat on January 26th

-Valentine’s Event(?) on February 14th or 15th

-World Day of Social Justice on February 20th

-Car Wash/Other Fundraiser on February 22nd

-Big Event the week of March 16th

-Car Wash/Other Fundraiser on March 22nd


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