About Us

Who We Are
In spring 2012, GlobeMed at Arizona State University was founded by a group of students bounded by a scintillating course in global health. Captivated by GlobeMed’s mission, approach, and progress, some of the students further pursued the network and became an official chapter. GlobeMed at ASU is the first in Arizona but one of 50 chapters throughout the United States today. Our chapter is thrilled to be partnered with ICOD Action Network in Lyantonde, Uganda and together we are working towards building homes for HIV/AIDS affected orphans within their community.

Our Partner – ICOD Action Network Lyantonde, Uganda
ICOD Action Network is a registered Non Governmental Organization within the Lyantonde district of Uganda. ICOD envisions a Ugandan society empowered, free from disease and suffering and where human rights are observed. The organization’s overall objective is to respond to socioeconomic challenges within their society such as HIV/AIDS, high unemployment rates, insufficient health care, poor sanitation and famine.

ICOD targets marginalized households of vulnerable children, youth, orphans, women and HIV/AIDS affected and infected people and supports them by extending health services, constructing houses, pit latrines, safe water tanks, providing material support, food aid during famine, providing planting seeds, domestic utensils, clothing and providing HIV/AIDS training and counseling to groups at high- risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

Our Mission
ICOD Action Network and GlobeMed at Arizona State University will implement a “Livelihood Improvement Project” in Lyantonde. This project aims to provide sustainable housing, sanitation, and water facilities to children infected and/or directly affected by HIV/AIDS.


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