GROW Reflection Part II



After GROW Training, it is impossible to take GlobeMed, and partnership for granted, and not be absolutely thrilled for GROW this summer. It has been without a doubt one of the best aspects of the campus experience. It is empowering to realize that we have done, and are currently doing, actual, tangible good. We are improving the lives of people who live across the globe. GROW Training really showed us that GlobeMed offers the piece that is often missing from aid groups—that piece of partnership. Not only is the partnership alive on the local level–passionate university students banding together to make a change–but on the international level as well–passionate university students listening to grassroots organizations to give communities around the world what they really need. It is thrilling to be able to not only have the opportunity for an amazing trip, but to know that this amazing trip is strengthening our partnership, and we are keeping our mission alive by heading to Uganda this summer. We will be departing the 10th of July, and coming back the 19th of August. We will be working alongside our partner, the ICOD Action Network in Lyantonde, conducting onsite research. Michael and Fatuma, the staff of ICOD, will become more than just email contacts and faces on a screen, we will be spending five weeks with them and get to know them and understand our impact. The beneficiaries will also become actual people in a very real community. Meanwhile, us interns will be bonded by this incredible experience for as long as we live. We are currently searching for the best flight deals, squeezing the best layovers (Dublin and Amsterdam) out of the experience. We are researching the vaccinations we must get, and all the possible sites there are to see. We debate over what deserves space in our backpacks, and try to predict what it will be like to see our hard work come to fruition, and the family move into the house–and the best strategy for tackling those cockroaches. After all of that, how can we not be lifelong friends?



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