October Happenings

The month of October has been a busy one for GlobeMed!

We have put on several successful carwashes, had our executive board retreat, recruited new staff and e-board members, began planning for our big event (our silent auction), went to a community building event: an AIDS 5K walk/run and have raised over $1,400 to date!


Audrey and Emmanuel at our latest car wash!


GlobeMed members at the Aunt Rita Foundation AIDS walk/run












Our executive board retreat was a social one this year, held at Sunny’s Diner on University & McClintock. We had yummy eggs, pancakes, french toast and coffee and lots of fun getting to know each other better.


Executive Board!

One of our upcoming events is the silent auction – being held on November 12 in the Memorial Union. We are having a cultural theme with dance, music and fun! Our staff and eboard members are hard at work asking for sponsor donations and setting up the event.

October has been such an exciting month — can’t wait to see what November brings!




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