Tomato Soup


Kaylin Stinski
GlobeMed Co-founder and Co-president

My mom has been the one person that I have always looked up to, feared I would disappoint, and the only person who’s opinion really mattered. She has done amazing things in order to provide me with the opportunity I have today. She has supported a family of four on tomato soup that consisted of McDonald’s Ketchup packets and water, she has raised two young children on her own after the death of her husband, my father, and has literally risen out of poverty to provide my brother and I with the best possible future. This is just a glance into the size of my mother’s heart and the extent of her compassion.  Being raised by such a strong passionate person has led me down the path I am on today. I see something or someone in need, I help; I hear of some injustice I try to intervene, if something is wrong I try to correct it, and in the end the devotion my mom showed to her family and those in need as a whole has become my inspiration for everything that I do.

It wasn’t until my second semester as a Global Health Major that I found GlobeMed, or really it found me. Sitting in class, one of my professors offered starting a chapter on campus as an extra credit project. I had no idea that it would take me into this whirlwind of advocacy, passion, and love but I am ever so thankful that it has. Becoming the co-founder and external co-president has given me a lot of responsibility and keeps my plate full, but it is never work. GlobeMed has given me the confidence and the resources to step beyond the global health field and advocate for social justice, and reducing inequalities throughout everything that I do. More people know me by “that GlobeMed girl” then my actual name and I am ok with that, because it makes me feel like I am making a difference, that I am doing what my mom did for me, I am giving someone the help they need to obtain the best possible future.


Partner Forums

The Annual GlobeMed Partner Forum is in its inaugural year. Kicking off in Kampala, Uganda, the Forum will expand to all GlobeMed partner regions in future years.

Our past influences our future

Hey All!

 My name is Mihaela Dan and I am a senior double majoring in Gender and Women Studies and Global Health along with a minor in Anthropology and possibly a minor in Nutrition.  My family and I emigrated from Romania, a country located in Eastern Europe, to American about 16 years ago. I spent most of my childhood moving from foreign place to foreign place, constantly learning and gaining new persImagepectives on life, culture, and people. Constantly moving from poor neighborhood to the other, I gained an understanding about life that many kids at my age were blind to. It was this attitude that I have carried with me into college.

Taking courses within the scope of Global Health as well as Gender and Women Studies has opened my eyes even further to the health disparities that populations around the world face and has given me the knowledge, strength, encouragement and determination to make a difference. My passion is the drive. I am part of the original group of students that began GlobeMed on ASU’s campus. My position is Co-Community Builder and it’s a job that I truly enjoy as it pushes me to design fun activities that get members up and moving.  I plan on attending graduate school in the near future and getting a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and a Master’s in Public Health.

My main focus is working with malnourished and over-nourished populations around the world. As of now, I plan on enjoying my undergraduate college experience to its fullest and working hard on GlobeMed’s mission and project in Uganda.