What is GROW?

GROW (Grassroots On-site Work) is an integral part of the GlobeMed model based around a trip; in our case, a five week trip to Uganda! GROW offers the opportunity for interns to form relationships with members of their partner organizations and partner community. Additionally, it allows the partner organization to better understand GlobeMed’s work and mission, and to share resources and information that will help the chapter raise more funds the following year. This embodies the reciprocity of our relationship with our partner: we gain experience and they receive our love!

There are three purposes for GROW:

  •   To strengthen, add to, and expand programs, resources, and knowledge of the partner organization for the purpose of having a positive impact on their community.
  •   To engage in mutual learning in order to strengthen all aspects of the partnership.
  •    To ensure long-term stability through evaluation and strategic planning.

These will be realized in SUMMER 2013 as the GROW Team travels to Uganda to help ICOD Action Network build this house out of thin air. Literally. Because ideas float around in air, and then they’re snatched up, conceptualized, put down in blueprints and forms, and then foundations are laid and walls go up! That’s what we’ll be doing this summer. But there’s also pre-trip stuff going on behind the curtain. Curriculum is being developed to help the interns learn more about how to act in a different society, dealing with cultural norms, and basically finding a niche in the community to occupy for five weeks. GROW is an amazing, transformative experience, and I’m so excited to share it with all you lovely readers!

Our Coordinator

318873_464328283586460_437195719_n[1]Name:  Megan Atencia

Age: 18

Major(s)/Minor(s): BA in Global Health with a Minor in Spanish

Career Goals: To work in a large inner-city hospital as an intensivist, specializing in cardiology. In what free time I have, I’d like to use that expertise to either do work overseas to underserved communities, or provide care to our soldiers in war zones.

On the trip, I am excited to: See our interns through this amazing experience!

On the trip, I am nervous to: Make sure everything runs smoothly

Fun Fact: I’m wholeheartedly torn between whether or not to take the two stuffed animals I have slept with every night ever since I got them to Uganda with me

Favourite Quote: “The purpose of life is to convert energy into beauty. And I know that’s not true—I know that’s not rationally true… But some days, it’s okay for things to not be rationally true.” – Hank Green

Meet the Interns!

Picture 431Name: Kaylin Stinski

Age: 24

Major(s)/Minor(s): Global Health Major, minor in Religious Studies

Career Goals: I would like to become a medical doctor that practices ethnomedicine. I love emergency medicine, but there is a great need for doctors to be ethnically and culturally sensitive. The book “The spirit catches you and you fall down” by Anne Fadiman highlights the importance of this and how as doctors we need to change the way we view the world from a completely biomedical approach to one that treats a patient, not just the disease.

Position in GlobeMed: Founder and External Co-President

On the trip, I am excited to: LEARN! There is so much a person can teach you if you just look, listen, and be open to what they have to offer.

On the trip, I am nervous to: Come home. Every time I travel I just want to keep going, keep learning, keep doing, and keep experiencing all that people and this world has to offer. There is nothing more humbling and enlightening then travel.

Fun Fact:I left my flip flops on a roof in Auckland, New Zealand. I hope to return one day to see if they are still there.

Favourite Quote: “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King JR

globemedbiopic3Name: Audrey Day

Age: 22

Major(s)/Minor(s): BA in Global Health with a Minor in Sustainability and a Human Rights Certificate

Career Goals:  I would like to provide short-term and long-term assistance to underdeveloped communities in need in whatever way possible. My biggest aspiration is to one day join the U.N. in order to continue my dreams of helping others.

Position in GlobeMed: Co-Campaign Coordinator

On the trip, I am excited to: meet and work with the community and ICOD organization that has already impacted me thus far

On the trip, I am nervous to: eat or drink anything that could get me sick

Fun Fact: I have over 50 cousins that live mostly in Kansas that I try to visit once a year. When we all reunite there is ALWAYS a massive party.

Favourite Quote:  “The earth provides enough to satisfy every person’s need but not every person’s greed. When we take more than we need, we are simply taking from each other, borrowing from the future, or destroying the environment and other species.” – Mahatma Gandhi


“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”

My high school English teacher would sing me that song from the movie, My Fair Lady, every morning when I walked into class. Mrs. Raininspain (not her real name) was a solid source of support for me, always encouraging me to push my limits, and she believed in me and my potential. She was among the many teachers, faculty, family members, and friends that always supported me in my endeavors and to this day, continue to do just that.


My name is Lorraine, and in short, I immigrated to America from Manila, Philippines when I was 10 years old. I’ve seen the best and the worst of both worlds, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without my experiences. My roots allow my heart to extend and passion ignite for the underserved and keep me fighting for health equity.

I am the co-founder and internal co-president of the GlobeMed, ASU chapter. I love my position. This chapter has become my baby, and watching it grow and actively “feeding” it has been such a wonderful ride. Being part of this organization has largely been a learning experience but certainly a joyous one. I have learned logistical skills like navigating through university policies, regulations, faculty, and boundaries. I’ve learned how to become an active member of a national…no, international network of empowerment and activism. I am essentially managing a little non-profit on campus, and it’s a lot more difficult and time consuming than I had imagined.  It is so rewarding when on a Friday morning, I get to Skype with our partner in Uganda, making plans (across the world) and taking small steps into sustainable change.

The partnership offers a great deal of knowledge and education for me through simply reading their blog, talking with them about social issues, listening to what they have to say about their own communities and perspectives, and absorbing each and every word they have to say.

Although I am graduating, I still plan on being a visible support for this chapter after May 10th. I want to be a source of support just as so many people have been for me in the past. It is ultimately what I want to do for the rest of my life: to support people, communities, and partnerships in order to reach their potential and sustain that success. There is no dream too farfetched to reach and there is no goal too difficult to achieve. I strive to be someone’s Mrs. Raininspain, constantly challenging people to do their best, raise their own bars of expectations, and to never give up. 

If you have any questions for me personally or about the chapter, feel free to email me at lsekito@asu.edu

Community Building: How to Grow with the Power of People

Hey all! My name is Shelley Sparling. I am a senior here at ASU, majoring in Kinesiology and double mImageinoring in Global Health and Nonprofit Organization Administration. I got involved with GlobeMed through my “Poverty, Social Justice, and Global Health” class a year ago, and was one of the many students that helped start up the club here at ASU. I am currently the Co-Director of Community Building for GlobeMed. I was born in California, raised in Kansas, and came out to Arizona for some lovely college knowledge. My hobbies and/or likes include being an overly obsessed Sun Devil fan, playing sports, dancing until my body aches, reading, and meeting new people. My future is pretty up in the air, but I do know that after I graduate in May I will be volunteering and traveling to 11 countries in 11 months! When I get back I’ll have to decide whether I want to apply to Physical Therapy school or work for a Nonprofit and/or Global Health organization from my trip; but until then, I’m just going to enjoy my senior year! The end…

GlobeMed Staff Applications

If you were thinking of applying to become a staff member, it is your lucky day! The deadline has been extended to January 21st!

Help us make a difference in the lives of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS! Work with our excellent executive board directors such as communications, campaigns, finances, community building, global health U, and co presidents. Gain experience and join us in our journey. Interested in working on fundraising? Want to help spread the word, and get tangible results from your efforts? Then apply now!

You can access the application/Google Doc at:


Welcome 2013!!!

Happy New Year!

To kick off the new year here in Arizona, GlobeMed at Arizona State University has decided to launch our chapter blog! It is coming together slowly and we are still adding photos, making some minor changes, and other cool things! Feel free to look around, get to know us, and become familiar with us, our network, our passion, and all things GlobeMed!

We wish you the best for this upcoming new year and we hope to see you soon!